The U.K. produced 1.38 million metric tons of broiler meat in 2014, similar to that produced in 2013. Turkey meat production, however, declined by 8 percent in comparison with 2013 to stand at 173,000 metric tons, reports industry association the British Poultry Council.

In 2013, the most recent year for which financial data is available, the U.K. poultry industry generated sales of GBP6.9 billion (US$10.7 billion).

The U.K. accounts for 14 percent of all poultry meat reared in the European Union, and is ranked third by production volume behind Poland and France.


Poultry now accounts for 47 percent of all meat purchased in the U.K., with chicken accounting for 92 percent of all poultry meat consumed in the country. The number of chickens reared for slaughter stood at a little over 900 million in 2014, an increase of 15 percent since 2000.

U.K. poultry meat exports in 2014 were worth GBP305 million, up by 120 percent since 2000, with 69 percent of exports going to other EU Member States.

However, the U.K. remains far from self-sufficient in poultry meat, and 26 percent of the poultry meat is imported. Imports, totaled GBP1,059 million last year, with almost a third of imported poultry meat coming from the Netherlands.