Penglai-based broiler producer Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry Co. Ltd. decided to work with Petersime again by placing another big order with Petersime for the its new hatchery.

The new hatchery in China, with an expected yearly output of up to 300 million day-old chicks, will be put into operation in 2016.

Shandong Minhe approached Petersime again, purchasing 90 BioStreamer 24S HD incubators and BioStreamer 8H HD hatchers, 1 BioStreamer Re-Store and the environmental control system from Petersime.

In January 2010, Shandong Minhe built the largest modern single-stage hatchery in Asia. The hatchery containing Petersime’s 90 BioStreamer 24S incubators and BioStreamer 8H hatchers, also fully equipped with the environmental control system went into production in 2010 with an output of 100 million day-old chicks annually.

“We chose to work with Petersime again because of their delivery of quality products, focus on bio-security and more importantly, their after-sales service.” Sun Ximin, Chairman of Minhe said.

Petersime is a global supplier of incubators, hatchery equipment, project services and turnkey hatcheries.

Shandong Minhe is a day-old broiler chick producer with a breeding stock of 2.3 million parent broilers and an output of 200 million plus commercial broiler day-old chicks. The company began in 1985 and in May 2008 became China’s first listed broiler company.