Consistent with the National Pork Board’s five-year strategic plan to build consumer trust and grow consumer demand, the organization is updating its food chain outreach structure. These changes will allow the National Pork Board to be even more effective in collaborating with channel partners in a focused effort to stimulate pork demand.  

“Our strategic plan defines a blueprint for industry success by addressing the changing world facing U.S. pork producers,” said Derrick Sleezer, president of the National Pork Board and a producer from Cherokee, Iowa. “Our marketing effort taps into the emotional connections consumers have with their food and will fuel a fresh dialogue about modern pork production and continuous improvement for the benefit of people, pigs and the planet.”  


Toward that end, the National Pork Board implemented the following staff changes:

  • Jarrod Sutton is named Vice President of Channel Marketing, Innovation and Social Responsibility.
  • Patrick Fleming is named Director of Market Intelligence and Innovation.
  • Rob Kirchofer is named Director of Retail Marketing and Innovation.
  • Stephen Gerike is named Director of Foodservice Marketing and Innovation.
  • Ceci Snyder will continue to lead domestic marketing, advertising and public relations programs as Vice President of Consumer Marketing.
  • Stacie Schafer is named Director of State Marketing and Consumer Insight.

The National Pork Board plans to expand efforts this year in product innovation to grow consumer demand. This effort will be supported by consumer research, market data analysis and channel insights, product design, market testing, channel marketing and channel communications.   “We’re very excited about this new direction in leadership within our organization,” said Sleezer. “These changes will allow us to have greater focus and efficiency as we work with our foodservice and retail partners to increase pork demand.”