Eurodon has introduced the launch of the first turkey poult brood at Russia’s largest turkey culturing incubator. It’s located at the Ust-Donetsk region of Rostov in the south of Russia.

The incubator capacity is 17.6 million hatching eggs per year. The incubator is equipped with high-tech innovative equipment supplied by German company Hartmann. The hatching machines are provided by Petersime. An estimated 64,000 eggs were placed in special chambers at once. The first poults hatched in 28 days and were settled in special nursery housings.

The hatchery was built in a record time, with the land planning and excavations starting in August 2014. and May 2015 it became fully functional.

The project is a part of a new widescale turkey meat production complex, which will let Eurodon increase the production from 45 to 130 thousand tons of turkey meat per year.


The head of the company,  Vadim Vaneev, succeeded to attract  RUB18 billion (US$320 million)  to increase production capacity of the company. Project funding was approved by Vnesheconombank.

The company is actively building new poultry facilities on 30 construction sites covering 740 square meters. All of the objects will be united by a single technological cycle: poultry houses, incubator, meat processing plant, feed plant, motor company and many secondary productions.

Completion of the project will let Eurodon to increase overall turkey production up to 130 thousand tons by the end of 2016.

The successful completion of Eurodon projects will allow the company to create 65,000 jobs.