There are seven key considerations that U.S. consumers look for when purchasing chicken products.

A recent U.S. chicken consumption survey, commissioned by the National Chicken Council (NCC), conducted online by ORC International, and funded by WATT PoultryUSA and Elanco, took a look at the top reasons that influence chicken purchasing decisions.

Ranked from most important to least important, here are the top seven factors that affect consumer decisions to purchase chicken:

1. Freshness –  Thirty-four percent of survey respondents stated freshness was the most important factor considered when making purchases, while another 27 percent ranked it second in importance.

2. Price –  Economics play a large part in a consumer’s purchasing decisions. About 27 percent of respondents said price was the most important consideration, while another 20 percent said it was the second most important thing to take into account.


3. How chickens are raised –  Animal health and welfare was rated the most important factor to consider when buying chicken products by 13 percent of respondents. However, another 39 percent of those surveyed considered it the least important of the seven factors listed in the survey.

4. Taste –  Taste was rated the most important thing to consider when buying chicken products by 13 percent of respondents, while another 20 percent of respondents considered it the second most important aspect to look for.

5. Brand –  A fair number of consumers look for specific brands of chicken when making purchases. Six percent of those surveyed said that is the most important consideration.

6. Quantity –  How much chicken is in a package does play a role in consumer purchasing decisions. Four percent said quantity is the most important, while another 14 percent of people surveyed said it was the second-most important consideration.

7. Packaging –  The packaging of chicken products ranks the least important among consumers. Only 3 percent of consumers surveyed stated that was the most important factor to consider.