This week Lumense announced that, after two years of on-farm field trials, it is now shipping the LG201 Poultry Ammonia Monitor. Lumense is an Atlanta-based developer of real-time sensors capable of continuously measuring the concentration of trace chemicals and biologicals in gases and liquids. The new monitor provides growers with current, trending and historical ammonia levels, allowing them to better manage the house environment. Trial users were more easily able to achieve, around the clock, an air quality “comfort zone,” improving flock performance while controlling heating and ventilation costs. 

Industry researchers and leading integrators agree that maintaining consistently low ammonia levels can, by reducing bird stress, increase natural disease resistance and improve flock performance by about five percent. Using that estimate, the LG201 pays for itself in less than six months, bringing tremendous value to the $100 billion (worldwide) broiler industry. The LG201 is the only practical way for growers to be alerted of sudden increases in ammonia, preventing flock loss and providing further value. 

“We’ve learned a lot by testing our technology in working houses with leading farmers and integrators focused on providing healthy, affordable poultry products,” said Mike Slawson, Lumense’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve not only been able to improve the accuracy, affordability and reliability as a result, but also the ease of use. We’re quite excited to be able to help the industry finally address the vexing challenge of ammonia management by offering this breakthrough product.” 

The LG201 mounts on the wall of a poultry house control room near the ventilation controller and can connect to it through an analog current or voltage interface. The unit automatically measures ammonia levels every two minutes by drawing air through an intake tube positioned at bird height in the poultry house. Readings and maintenance alerts are displayed according to grower preference within a PIN-secure user interface, and can be stored, redisplayed or downloaded onto a USB drive for up to one year.