Sandwich restaurant chain Jimmy John’s is has stopped serving turkey sandwiches at some of its restaurants, citing the impact that avian influenza has had on its supply.

On the company’s website, Jimmy John’s stated that because of pressures put on the turkey supply, the chain is unable to serve its all-white turkey meat. “Unfortunately, our supply chain, primarily located in or around the Mississippi flyway, was particularly hit hard. As a result, the available turkey supply has been significantly diminished,” the company stated.

Jimmy John’s also stated that even though other turkey products are more readily available, it did not want to make any substitutes.

“We only use the highest quality turkey breast, and will not compromise on quality,” stated the company.

Jimmy John’s officials are not certain when the supply will return to normal levels, but added that it is working hard to get turkey back on store menus as soon as possible.

Jimmy John’s is one of several U.S. based restaurant chains that have made adjustments as a result of supply shortages created by avian influenza. Panda Express made changes to its menu and the recipe for one dish as it dealt with an egg shortage brought on by avian influenza. Whataburger temporarily reduced the hours it served breakfast, also as a result of a reduced egg supply.