A case of low pathogenic H7N7 avian influenza that affected more than 26,000 birds at a Dutch layer farm has been resolved, according to a report from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The outbreak was first reported by the OIE on March 11. At that time, the presence of the low pathogenic virus had been detected in a layer flock near Barneveld in the province of Gelderland. While no chickens died as a result of contracting the virus, 26,573 birds on the property were susceptible. All of those birds were euthanized.

Disinfection of the affected premises was completed on April 16. At that time, a 1-kilometer surveillance zone around the affected farm was also lifted. There were 17 other premises within the surveillance zone that were also screened, according to an OIE report.


Since three months have now passed since the disinfection and there have been no new cases of low pathogenic H7N7 avian influenza cases detected within that surveillance zone, OIE considers the case to be resolved and will no longer submit reports concerning the avian influenza case.

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