Two of three avian influenza control zones in Oxford County, Ontario, have been lifted, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced.

The two quarantines have been lifted after the affected properties have been disinfected and the required 21 day waiting period after disinfection has passed.

While two of the quarantines have been lifted, a third one remains in place. The premises affected by avian influenza in that control zone has gone through the disinfection process, but the 21-day period following the cleansing will not be over until July 29, provided that no new cases of avian influenza are detected between now and then.


According to CFIA, there were three confirmed cases of avian influenza in Ontario, all off which occurred in Oxford County. The first and third cases, confirmed on April 7 and April 23, involved commercial turkey operations. In one case, 44,800 turkeys were affected and in the other, 7,900 birds were affected. Those are the two cases where the quarantines have been lifted.

The control zone remaining involved an avian influenza infection at a broiler breeder facility, affecting 27,000 birds.

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