Russia could increase the production of poultry and pork 8% in 2009, according to the Interfax News Agency, citing First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who heads a commission in charge of economic development.

"All plans concerning the production of pork and poultry will be fulfilled in 2009, credit resources will be issued and the investment projects carried out in 2007-2008 make it possible to say that pork and poultry production could grow by 8% [in 2009]," Shuvalov said.


Beef prices have been rising at steadier rates than the cost of all other meats, he said. "We don't expect production to grow in such volumes" comparable to pork and poultry production, he said, noting that the issue of increasing beef production needs to be considered.

The government is most concerned about the growth in meat prices among all the staple food products due to the country's strong dependence on imports, Shuvalov added.