The World Trade Organization (WTO) has agreed to establish a panel to examine measures affecting tariff concessions on certain poultry meat products adopted by the European Union (EU).

China, the complainant, requested consultation with the European Union regarding measures to modify its tariff concessions on certain poultry meat products in April. It alleges that the measures are inconsistent with Articles I, II, XIII and XXVIII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1994.


China hopes that through dispute settlement proceedings, the EU will adjust its measures and so satisfy China’s trade concerns, however, the EU has said that its measures are in conformity with the WTO agreements and that it was ready to defend them before a panel.

The Dispute Settlement Body has now established a panel, following an initial deferment, to examine the dispute. Brazil, Russia and the USA have reserved their third-party rights to participate in proceedings.