Three farms in Dixon County, Nebraska, where avian influenza was detected have been disinfected, while the process is continuing at three others, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) announced.

Disinfection has been completed at two layer pullet operations, one of which had a population of 500,000 birds and the other had a population of 700,000 birds. Environmental testing has been completed at the larger of the two facilities, while environmental testing has been planned for the other.

Disinfection has also been completed at a farm housing a mixed poultry flock of less than 100 birds.

Meanwhile, disinfection at another pullet operation is nearing completion. That farm had a flock of 200,000 birds.


NDA also reported that disinfection procedures are under way at two farms housing layer flocks in Dixon County. One of those farms housed 1.7 million birds and the other had 1.8 million chickens.

According to NDA, five of those farms had the same owner. The agency never identified the owner, but Post Holdings, parent company of Michael Foods, earlier stated that it had flocks in that county that were affected by H5N2 avian influenza.

The state agriculture agency on June 26 had announced that all of the farms affected by avian influenza had been depopulated. The first avian influenza case in Dixon County was confirmed on May 12, while the last detection of the virus was reported on June 4.