Avian influenza continues to be a high concern among those in the global poultry industry. Here are 6 avian influenza news developments you should know:

1. Egg production, layer supply down in June –  Avian influenza’s impact on the U.S. layer supply and the number of eggs produced was reflected in the USDA’s Chickens and Eggs report, released on July 21. USDA reported that the U.S. layer supply and number of eggs produced in the country were both down 9 percent when compared to June 2014.

2. Need for avian flu assistance in West Africa is dire –  Stating that avian influenza’s spread across West Africa and beyond is inevitable without timely intervention, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is calling for $20 million for prevention and response activities.

3. Restaurants feeling effects of avian influenza –  While numerous restaurants in the United States have had to deal with a shortage of egg and turkey supplies as a result of avian influenza, Panda Express and Jimmy John’s have had to suspend the sales of some dishes. Jimmy John’s has temporarily discontinued serving turkey sandwiches at some locations as its supplier of turkey was hit hard by avian influenza. Panda Express suspended its hot and sour soup, as well as changed the recipe for fried rice, substituting corn for eggs.

4. Nebraska avian influenza sites disinfected –  Disinfection procedures have been completed at three of six farms in Dixon County, Nebraska, where avian influenza was detected. The other three farms in the county are currently being disinfected, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture reported.


5. Ontario avian flu quarantines released –  Two of three avian influenza control zones in Oxford County, Ontario, have been released as disinfection procedures have been completed and the required 21-day waiting period has passed with no new avian influenza detections. A third control zone in the county is expected to be released on July 29.

6. Dutch avian influenza case resolved – A case of low pathogenic avian influenza that hit a Dutch layer farm of more than 26,000 chickens has been resolved, reported the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). According to OIE, the case was initially reported on March 11.

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