Indonesian officials detected second the bird flu flare-up in 10 days in Bali, according to an article on

Avian influenza has struck a second district in Bali despite efforts to contain the spread of the disease on the island, the district's animal husbandry, marine, and fisheries agency said on Feb. 20.

Gusti Ngurah Sandjaja, the head of the agency in Jembrana district in western Bali, said the outbreak was discovered after 52 chickens in the village of Banyubiru died over the course of four days.


"We immediately conducted a rapid test and found that the chickens were infected with the H5N1 virus," Sandjada said.

Following the discovery, Sandjaja said the agency banned the transportation of poultry in and out of the village and had been culling the bird population and disinfecting cages since Feb. 19.