Without any hesitation, Ricardo Santin, vice president of poultry of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), stated in a press conference: "We are the best poultry producers in the world.”

This has strong fundamentals: Brazil is the third largest chicken producer in the world, with 15 percent market share after China and the United States. But it is the first exporter of this animal protein in the world, generating 8,500 million of income from the exports of 4.1 million metric tons (2014 figure). In exports, Brazil has 38 percent of market share and given the current health circumstances in the world, it is likely it will remain as the largest exporter in the years ahead.

For example, this year they expect to increase exports from 4.1 million metric tons to 4.3 million metric tons. To do this, producers and government officials work together to achieve the goal. Just added to the list of countries importing Brazilian poultry products – now totaling 158 – was Malaysia and Myanmar. Saudi Arabia is the main destination for Brazilian poultry exports.


In addition to all of this impressive data, they have a strong genetic material basis developed in the country, availability of grains and water, good health status and technology. But exports are not everything. With 42.7 kg of chicken consumption per capita, 70 percent of production is for domestic consumption; the remaining 30 percent is for the international market.

The International Poultry and Swine Show (SIAVS) of Brazil, hosted by the ABPA, takes place in São Paulo, Brazil and is a very important event for this giant animal protein producer.