The board of directors of New Hope Group on July 30 approved the company’s proposal for investment projects.

As one of the largest agribusiness corporations and the leading agribusiness operator in China, New Hope Group will participate in the following projects to help the company grow and better serve its customers:

1. Form a pig company in Guxian County, Hebei, to operate parent pig stock leasing business. The new company will cooperate with Fuda Cloud Feeding Management System of New Hope. Since its opening on January, 2015, the system has had scores of pig farms registered online.

2. Establish Poultry Farming Training and Management Company, which will serve as part of its “cloud education” platform to help poultry farmers

3. Set up Beijing New Hope Liuhe Food Service Company, as a sole proprietor

4. Form set up the Global Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (with a 1 percent stake). It is one step of its internet financial strategy in the rural areas. Since 2015, New Hope Group has carried out a number of projects on Internet Finance in the rural areas, and the market welcomed such strategy.

According to the estimate of several Chinese stock companies, the 2015-2016 earnings per share of New Hope will be US$0.198 and US$0.288 respectively, increasing 25.93 percent and 45.62 percent, correspondingly, compared to same period during the previous year.

New Hope Group is involved in breeding, animal feed, planting, technology services, dairy, slaughtering and meat processing and animal epidemic prevention, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database.