As part of a series of initiatives aimed at further reducing environmental impact, Harrison Europac has announced plans to introduce recycled post consumer waste polyethylene (RPET) content across its entire range of APET and CPET packaging products.




By the end of this year, the UK-based supplier of plastics trays and containers for the food industry aims to include up to 50% recycled PET in all APET containers produced for the meat and cold food and snacks sectors. In addition, the company’s CPET packs for ready meals will contain up to 25% recycled material.

"We are confident that the material properties including barrier, sealing capability and impact strength remain unchanged by the introduction of recycled content," said Joe Iannidinardo, managing director of Harrison Europac. "Depending on the raw material market, we aim to switch to the new blend by the end of the year."