With China's latest renewal of pork exports to Russia, HRL Foods Co. Ltd. — a subsidiary of Yurun Group — has become one of the first pork companies to pass the product appraisal of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of Russia.

In accordance with the federal rules of Russia, meats and meat byproducts fall into the category of mandatory certification, which requires that the Chinese meat processing companies should apply for sanitary registration in the first place. Only companies that receive the registered certificates can export products to Russia. Russia also has stringent rules for microbiological indicators; the health of the animals; the processing quality, storage life and the packing materials of the frozen meat. In addition, the products must be delivered by refrigerated trucks with the manufacturer's seal.

Yurun Group is an enterprise group integrating food, commerce, logistics, tourism, finance, and building. The Beijing-based group was established in 1993. HRL Foods Co. Ltd. is one of the largest meat products companies in China.

So far, strict quality monitoring and information management platforms have been set up by Yurun Group to monitor and facilitate the purchase and slaughter of pigs as well as the distribution, wholesale and the retail terminals. Thanks to the platforms and systems, both the live production process and the source of the purchased pigs and flow of the meat products are tracked to ensure the safety and quality.