Avian influenza continues to be an area of high concern for those in the global poultry industry. Here are 5 avian influenza news developments to know:

1. Restocking efforts begin in Iowa –  State officials in Iowa have reported that restocking of depopulated flocks has begun. A turkey farm in Calhoun County, which was hit by avian influenza on May 19, has begun to replenish its birds. The farm is operated by Brad Moline.

2. Avian flu results in turkey deli meat shortage –  Managers of several grocery store chains with deli operations say they are experiencing an unprecedented shortage of turkey deli meat as a result of compromised turkey supplies, brought on by avian influenza.

3. U.S. Agriculture Secretary says best biosecurity may not be enough –  While speaking at the  “Avian Influenza Outbreak … Lessons Learned” conference in Des Moines, Iowa., U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke about the probable re-emergence of avian influenza in the United States. Vilsack said: “Obviously, the best biosecurity job may not be good enough. There may well be a reemergence; and if there is, we will be dealing again with the issue of depopulation.”


4. All Canadian quarantines lifted –  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has removed the final avian influenza control zone in Ontario, as well as in the country. All properties that were affected by avian influenza have been disinfected and the required 21-day waiting period after disinfection has passed.

5. Mississippi prepares for avian flu outbreak –  Mississippi has not had any cases of avian influenza, but the state is getting prepared in case the virus would show up. Dr. Jim Watson, state veterinarian with the Mississippi Board of Animal Health, said sick or dead birds should not be removed from their home farm, but should instead contact his agency.  “We will have teams available to conduct depopulations, cleaning and disinfections as needed,” said Watson. He added that if or when Mississippi chickens test positive for this virus, quarantines will go into place to help protect the state’s $3 billion poultry industry.

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