According to figures from FISA quoted by the latest edition of Reussirs Aviculture in France, Morocco produced 330,000 tonnes of chicken, 40,000 tonnes of turkey meat, and 3 billion eggs in 2007. The contract aims to take Morocco’s poultry meat output to 500,000 tonnes per year and the production of eggs to 5 billion annually.


Approximately 400 million Euros will be invested into the 23 farms and processing plants with designs to increase to 40 by 2012. Only about 10 percent of the chickens produced nationally pass through a registered abattoir, as the majority of Moroccans like to choose a live bird at a local market.  The Association Nationale des Producteurs des Viandes de Volailles (APV) says the objective is for this rate to grow to 50 percent within the next five years.