The company suffered large losses due to hedging and speculative positions held on currency markets during the quarter.

Third quarter EBITDA was stable at 272.3 million reais versus 273.2 million a year ago.

Sadia’s net sales during the quarter rose 29.7% from a year earlier to 2.79 billion reais.


The poultry segment’s sales revenue was up 31.8% and accounted for 38.3% of revenue during the quarter. Sales revenue for the pork segment was up 32.8%, even though volume was down. Beef revenue was up 7.5%. Sales revenue of processed products was up 34.6%.

Sales revenue in the domestic market was R$ 1.7 billion in the third quarter, up 29% from the same period in 2007. Incomes are growing among Brazilians, and the company reported that revenue derived from processed products grew by 30.3% in the quarter.

Income generated by exports in the third quarter was up 27.3%, totaling R$ 1.5 billion. The poultry segment accounted for 73.8% of the total income generated by exports in the third quarter. This income totaled R$ 1.1 billion in the quarter, a growth of 31.9%.