Smithfield Foods Inc. has recognized several of its facilities and employees for their successful efforts during 2014 in promoting and achieving excellence across its sustainability pillars -- environment, animal care, food safety and quality, employees, and communities -- through innovative projects that protected natural resources and achieved other company goals.

The various projects implemented at Smithfield facilities across the country produced measureable results, saving more than 337 million gallons of water, nearly 9 million kilowatts of electricity, about 305,000 dekatherms of natural gas, and about 128,000 gallons of fuel oil.

Smithfield executives presented one President's Award and 11 Sustainability Excellence Awards last week during its annual Sustainability Excellence Awards program, which was held in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Thanks to our employees' innovative thinking and commitment to responsible operations, our company continues to make annual, measureable progress toward our goal of being the sustainability leader in our industry," said Dennis H. Treacy, Smithfield's executive vice president and chief sustainability officer.

"Our sustainability awards program is all about recognizing employee initiatives that reflect care for the environment, our animals, our people, food safety and quality, and our communities. At Smithfield, we recognize that innovation and thought leadership will ignite future growth. Our employees are constantly encouraged to innovate and this program rewards successes in that area," Treacy added.

A complete list of award recipients and project summaries can be found below:

President’s Award

  • Hog Production Division - Kenansville, North Carolina: Division created and introduced a pork industry-focused school teacher's resource guide for inclusion in the curriculum of two public school systems.


  • Fresh Pork Division - Salt Lake City, Utah, facility: Facility developed packaging that eliminated the need for packing tape, reducing waste.
  • Packaged Meats Division - St. James, Illinois, facility: Facility installed digital air compressor controls, saving electricity.
  • Packaged Meats Division - Springfield, Massachussetts, facility: Operation installed new system to help ensure discharge of acceptable wastewater levels to the city's own wastewater treatment system.
  • Packaged Meats Division - Kinston, North Carolina, facility: Facility modified meat processing equipment and plant drainage systems for reduction of pollutants in wastewater.


Animal Care

  • Hog Production Division - Science and Tech Department: Division developed and standardized new state-of-the-art animal care equipment and practices.


  • Hog Production Division - Yuma, Colorado: Division created week-long activities for employees to emphasize each pillar of Smithfield's sustainability program.
  • Fresh Pork Division - Milan, Missouri, facility: Division implemented wellness programs, encouraging balanced diets and exercise to improve employee health.

Food safety

  • Packaged Meats Division - Peru, Indiana, facility: Developed and installed new system to utilize steam for assuring cleanliness of microwave bacon conveyor systems.

Community outreach

  • Hog Production Division - Waverly, Virginia: Division developed enhanced forested buffers to further protect surface waters.
  • Norson - Hermosillo, Mexico: Operation provided prolonged support to the community after an upstream chemical spill from a copper mine.

Value creation

  • Hog Production Division – Missouri: Division installed a flexible grain storage system, increasing the ability to purchase and store local grains and optimize market pricing.