Brazilian agri-food exports totalled US$4.66 billion in July 2015, with China, The Netherlands, the U.S., Egypt and Venezuela the top export destinations. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) reports this sector accounted for 51 percent of all of the country’s total exports for the month in terms of value.

Agri-food exports to China were worth US$2.92 billion, 19.4 percent more than in July 2014 as the result of increased trade in soybeans (worth US$2.47 billion), chicken (US$ 69.5 million), beef (US$57.3 million) and pork (US$610,080).

The No. 2 destination for Brazil’s agri-food products was The Netherlands, with trade worth almost US$610 million. Here, the most important were soybean products with a value approaching US$318 million, comprising soybeans (US$160 million), soybean meal (US$158 million) and soybean oil (US$27,740). The Dutch also imported meat to the value of almost US$67.0 million, including US$46.5 million in Brazilian chicken, US$12.7 in beef, US$7.8 million in turkey and US$64,000 in other meats.

U.S. imports from Brazil for the month amounted to more than US$582.54 million, comprising mainly forest products (wood and paper) as well as coffee, sugar and alcohol.

Meat products accounted for more than US$129 million of the US$282 million in agri-food products from Brazil imported by Venezuela. This comprised beef (US$81.5 million) and poultry meat (US$47.9 million) as well as dairy products worth more than US$38 million.

For fifth-placed Egypt, the main traded item was sugar, followed by beef (US$ 59.7 million), chicken meat (US$11.5 million) and pork (US$106,540).


For the year to the end of July, MAPA ranks China as the top destination for Brazilian agri-food exports (US$14.7 billion), followed by the U.S. (US$3.72 billion), The Netherlands (US$2.94 billion), Germany (US$1.63 billion) and Russia (US$1.37 billion).

Sharp increase in Russian pork imports from Brazil

For the month of July 2015, increased purchases of pork products by Russia helped Brazil achieve exports of 61,500 tons, according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA). Of the total, 34,500 tons went to Russia – 51 percent more than the previous month and 143 percent more than July last year. At US$108.3 million, the value of those exports was 60 percent up on the figure a year ago.

Total pig meat exports by Brazil for the month of July were 50 percent higher than in July 2014 with a value up by more than 13 percent to almost US$158 million.

This improved performance has pushed Brazilian pork exports so far in 2015 to 290,700 tons, which is 2.6 percent more than for the same period of last year although the value of those products was 16 percent lower at just over US$711 million.

Chief executive of ABPA, Francisco Turra, commented that July’s strong performance bodes well for the full-year performance and indicates that efforts to strengthen exports and balance domestic demand are paying off.

Other recipients of Brazilian pork in July were Hong Kong (62,100 tons), Angola (20,600 tons), Singapore (16,100 tons) and Uruguay (11,600 tons).