Attendees at International Poultry Forum China 2015 will learn how gut health in poultry affects the value producers are able to deliver, as well as the role of feed additives in achieving gut health, when Dr. Gregory Siragusa,  Senior Principal Scientist- Microbiology at DuPont speaks on behalf of Danisco Animal Nutrition, a division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences on August 21.

Siragusa’s work as senior principal scientist in the Antimicrobials and Antioxidants Research Team at DuPont includes research on food microbial ecology and enzymatic antimicrobial enzyme applications for food preservation. His talk at International Poultry Forum China 2015 will cover:


  • Factors contributing to poultry gut health and the role nutrition plays in achieving it.
  • Challenges posed by undigested feed substrates, production stress and the microbial overgrowth they can cause.
  • The challenge of reducing Antibiotic Growth Promoter (AGP) usage, how AGPs work, and how overuse can impact food safety, bird health and human health.
  • How feed additives can radically improve healthy performance in both challenged and unchallenged circumstances.

Liza Fan, Danisco Animal Nutrition’s  Regional Industry Leader for China, commented, “With more and more countries moving away from the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters, it is important to understand the many factors that affect gut health in poultry and the ways that feed additives can contribute  to healthy animal performance  using mechanisms provided by nature.”

The presentation, which starts at 15:45 China Standard Time, is open to all registered  attendees of International Poultry Forum China.