Biomin’s PoultryStar, its multi-species, poultry-specific probiotic, has received the registration extension of its EU authorization (Regulation 2015/1105). Building upon the 2013 authorization of PoultryStar as a feed additive for chickens for fattening (Regulation No 544/2013), PoultryStar authorization now covers feed and drinking water application for:

  • Chickens for fattening
  • Chickens reared for laying
  • Minor avian species other than laying species

Commenting on the announcement, Michaela Mohnl, Director Competence Center Microbials at Biomin, said: “In addition to improving performance parameters, numerous feeding trials worldwide have confirmed the efficacy of PoultryStar in alleviating a wide range of pathogenic conditions such as coccidiosis, necrotic enteritis, bacterial lameness and salmonellosis.”

The European Food Safety Authority’s positive scientific opinion confirms that the probiotic feed additive is safe for animals, humans and the environment and efficacious for use in the target species.


The unique probiotic strains in PoultryStar were isolated from the gut of healthy chickens, making them host-specific, safe and effective for use as a feed additive for poultry. More importantly, the PoultryStar strains were selected from different parts of the chicken gastrointestinal tract to ensure their multiplication and colonization throughout most of the gut. The product promotes beneficial gut microflora in day-old chicks and birds of all ages, making them more resistant to pathogens.

PoultryStar serves to ensure birds’ intestinal microbial balance and optimum gut health, making it a practical tool to address infectious enteric poultry diseases, performance losses, and a reduction in the use of antibiotics.

“Nutritionists and veterinarians can appreciate the robust scientific evidence demonstrating the ability of PoultryStar to effectively enhance the health of birds especially in the starter and grower phases,” said Luca Vandi, regional marketing officer at Biomin. “A strong gut reinforces the performance and homogeneity of flocks throughout all stages of growth.”