Of the 10 countries listed by FAS for broiler production, the United States is the only one estimated to have lower output next year—a 1.1% decrease. The United States for 2009 will continue to be the world’s largest broiler producer with 22% of global output, followed by China with an 18% share and Brazil with a 15% world share. If broiler production next year is 74,237,000, it will represent a 24.5% increase from the 59,609,000 tons produced in 2004.


Broiler exports next year by major world exporters are forecast to reach 8,299,000 metric tons, 2.4% more than the estimated 8,106,000 tons in 2008. Next year’s forecast represents a 37.2% increase over the 6,048,000 tons in 2004. Brazil is expected to continue to be the top broiler exporter in 2009 with a forecasted 3,660,000 tons, 44% of total world broiler exports, compared with a 40% share in 2004. U.S. broiler exports are expected to slip 6% to 2,846,000 tons in 2009 compared with an estimated 3,027,000 tons this year. EU broiler exports of 610,000 tons next year will be 1.6% under the 620,000 estimated for 2008. The European Union will continue in 2009 to be a net importer of broilers by 70,000 tons, as it has been since 2007. Of the major countries, only the United States and the European Union are expected to have reduced exports next year.