Premium Porc Group, a subsidiary of DCH International in Romania, has opened its new feed mill in Sibioara, Romania.

The feed mill is part of a larger project of Premium Porc Group of modernization and expansion of the farms operated in Constanta district, part of Degaro company. The project took two years to complete and consisted of increasing production capacity of the farms Fantanele and Sibioara and building a new feed mill. Total investment amount for all the steps of the project was approximately EUR23 million (US$26.4 million).

The new feed mill in Sibioara, has four silos of 4,000 tons each and will produce approximately 70,000 tons of feed per year.


“With the completion of this project we feel that we have developed a durable connection between Premium Porc Group and the partners involved,” said Lars V. Drescher, CEO of DCH International. “We trust that in the future everyone will benefit from this relationship.”

 “We have an ambitious strategy to continue the company’s development and production to double Premium Porc Group by 2019,” he said.