Nigel Bennet has been appointed product and project field trial officer for swine at Ceva Animal Health. In his new role, he will provide technical field support for Ceva’s consistently growing swine product portfolio, working under Poultry and Swine Business Unit Manager Nicholas Cousseau.  

Bennet has been involved in the pig industry for more than three decades and brings to Ceva extensive experience of pig farm management including production, genetics and health programs.  He began his career in the pig industry as a pig stockman, working his way up through various technical positions within the genetics industry. He advanced to become a production specialist, dealing with restocking, delivery of stock and overall pig production within the U.K. and then Eastern Europe.


More recently, Bennet has been involved with hygiene and biosecurity best practice initiatives on European pig farms.

“I am very fortunate in being able make my passion for pigs my career,” Bennet said of his appointment. “My new role with Ceva embraces my full skill set to best advantage -? having worked at the sharp end as a stockman in the early days gives me a real edge when it comes to delivering practical and logical support for clients.”