Four Cargill turkey facilities were recognized in an awards program for outstanding safety performance by the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council. Cargill's turkey processing facility in Waco, TX, hatchery in Gentry, AR, and feed mill in Harrisonburg, VA, received the highest level of recognition, the Award of Distinction. Cargill's feed mill in Springdale, AR., received the Award of Honor. A total of 115 facilities were awarded by the safety council.

"Cargill is dedicated to protecting our people, and to have the U.S. poultry industry recognize our fierce commitment to safety in the workplace is an honor," said John Niemann, president of Cargill Turkey and Cooked Meats (CTCM), "This a testament to the quality of our safety programs and the employees who ensure that everyone goes home injury-free each day."

The importance of workplace safety is written within Cargill's guiding principles, supported by multiple programs throughout the company aimed to minimize risks and build on a culture of safety. All facilities have appointed safety leaders and recently implemented the "Focus on LIFE (Life-altering Injury and Fatality Elimination)" program. The program identifies potential risks and hazards, and promotes steps to prevent and correct them.

"In our industry, ongoing safety initiatives are imperative to success. We continue to look at ways we can better educate our employees about best safety practices, whether they operate heavy machinery or travel across the country to meet with customers. By understanding what we can do to minimize risks, we not only look after ourselves, but our peers as well," explained Niemann.

The listed facilities employ more than 700 people combined. The Waco facility processes an average of 27,000 turkeys daily, while the feed mills in Harrisonburg and Springdale process more than 500,000 tons of feed annually.

The Joint Industry Safety and Health Council includes the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, National Chicken Council and National Turkey Federation--governing organizations representing 95 percent of the nation's poultry products. Overall, 115 chicken and turkey facilities were recognized for outstanding safety performance.