The College Aggies Online (CAO) scholarship program has returned for its seventh year, with the individual scholarship competition set to begin later in September.

Initiated by the Animal Agriculture Alliance, College Aggies Online connects college students from across the United States who are interested in promoting agriculture. Participants receive training and instructions from industry experts and engage on social media by posting information about current and emerging issues facing the agriculture industry and telling personal stories.

The CAO club competition is already underway, but there is still time for clubs to sign up. Meanwhile the individual competition will begin on September 28. To sign up for the CAO program, visit the College Aggies Online website.


Students will compete for more than $20,000 in cash and prizes. The top three clubs and individuals will each receive scholarships and an opportunity to attend the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit. Mini scholarships and contests will be held throughout the program.

The individual competition will include nine weeks of posting on social media, networking with other students and mentors, and completing assignments. Those assignments comprise of webinars hosted by industry experts, writing blog posts, creating infographics, visiting legislators, giving speeches and creating visitors. Program mentors will advise students on how to get started on social media and how to find their niche, establishing a good following, coming up with ideas for good content, and answering questions.

Club challenges include hosting an agriculture day on campus, debunking common meat myths, visiting their state capitols and hosting a canned food drive.