The 24th Latin American Poultry Congress in Guayaquil, Ecuador, opened its gates on Sept. 8 to welcome visitors from all over Latin America and other regions worldwide. For the first time, Dr. Eckel GmbH was as an exhibitor, thus intensifying its Latin American business.

Feed and poultry producers in Latin America prepare for future challenges of animal nutrition and seek solutions regarding performance and health issues. Increased awareness about the various issues associated with the continuous use of antibiotics, such as build-up of resistances, immune suppression and residues in meat and eggs, generate a growing demand for alternatives, to secure the performance and therefore profitability of the poultry producing companies.

Viktor Eckel, Angela Kuhn, sales representative and market research for South and Latin America, and Monika Korzekwa, who is responsible for the phytogenic innovations from the product group health at Dr. Eckel, presented innovative specialized products for an optimized poultry nutrition. The phytogenic product Anta®Phyt and the prebiotic acidifier PreAcid have proven positive effects on poultry performance and animal welfare in numerous research trials, both in vitro and in vivo. 

“Losses in profitability, a decrease in production amounts or any declines in animal health issues due to a future reduction of antibiotic growth promoters are not an option for Latin American poultry producers,” elaborated Kuhn. ”Our customers seek experienced suppliers, offering innovative alternatives with proven and consistent efficacy; for these are essential for the future development and profitability of poultry producers.”


Products from the performance line of Dr. Eckel focus on key factors leading to efficient livestock production: specifically selected organic acids and prebiotics thatstabilize the gut flora, optimize digestion and assist in the uptake of essential nutrients.

The award-winning phytogenic product line health is founded on plant-based ingredients and is proven to improve animal welfare and vitality. Selected plant components, combined with prebiotic components, improve feed intake and support a healthy gut flora.

“The very well documented Anta®Phyt products offer improved growth and performance without any negative side effects,” explained Korzekwa, who continued, “The specific formula is the result of extensive research during the past years. Our concepts of healthy growth promoters were extremely well received. We had countless discussions with customers as well as making exciting new business contacts."