Flamed-haired Dr. Georgina Crayford is a scientist by profession… but her passion is good food, and she’s just launched a Facebook page to share her obsession with other foodies.

In her professional life she studies international research papers, briefs politicians and civil servants, and helps farmers improve the health and welfare of Britain’s farm animals.

But away from the office she sheds her academic gravitas, lets down her hair, and immerses herself in an epicurean world where disciples of good taste debate the best ways to make crackling more crackly and artisan bacon more more-ish.

She’s grateful to her employers, the National Pig Association, for allowing her the freedom to pursue her hobby “even though it does sometime encroach on my working day”.


“George,” whose academic specialism is bioveterinary science and who is an expert in global surveillance of foodborne bacteria, hopes those who share her love for great food will contribute their most amazing pork recipes to her Great British Pork Facebook page at https://goo.gl/I0YtcG

“Lots of people have their own ideas about how to make the best bacon sandwich, the dreamiest pork curry and the quickest, easiest and tastiest ways of using pork mince, and I’d like to share them with everyone,” she said.

 “Despite what some of my colleagues may claim, it’s not about gluttony—although maybe that comes into it a bit….It’s about enjoying the pleasures of preparing and eating really good food that’s been cooked and presented imaginatively. And that’s something we all enjoy.”