Foodmate US has announced the launch of a new service, the Asset Integrity Program (AIP), to offer its customers the ability to achieve more consistent operation, performance and yield.

The Foodmate AIP consists of a contractual service agreement with a customer, with the objective to complete a set number of service visits and rebuilds in a defined period of time on specific pieces of equipment.

The parameters of the contract are set to best suit each particular plant’s need, according to its equipment and capacity.


“This is a value added service that we decided to implement after hearing our customers’ needs. It gives our customers a chance to improve on overall equipment performance, as well as ensuring an even more personalized level of customer service," said Scott Hazenbroek, Foodmate’s president.

The program implements pre-scheduled quarterly rebuilds (parts/labor), and monthly visits with a designated Customer Asset Manager (CAM). The company believes this program will prove to protect customers’ assets while improving on performance and yield management in the long run. In addition, the AIP offers additional training for plant personnel, which reinforces continuous improved equipment performance.