Innov’Space, the innovations awards organized by French livestock trade show SPACE and now in its 20th year, saw 160 submissions this summer, all reviewed by an independent panel.  

In total, 48 products or services were recognized. One or two stars were awarded based on the value of the product, service or equipment. Of the 48 recognized, 13 were awarded two stars, while 35 won one star. From these one- and two-star entries, the final three-star winners are selected.

Three Stars

IDOSE water treatment equipment from Aquadis is an interface between a pulse water meter and an electronic or metering pump for use in poultry or other livestock production. It makes equipment easy to use by reading and adjusting the dose of water metering pumps.

IDOSE is powered by an integrated 230 vac, and adapts to the majority of solenoid and electromotive metering pumps on the market. Its calibration menu allows precise calibration in real conditions, and it displays an instantaneous water flow in liters per hour.

It also displays available dosing choices, and output dosing flow can be easily controlled. An alarm, for example, will sound should the pump run dry or if a fault occurs at the valve or on the pump membrane.

The system’s pulse counter can also be easily monitored.


The only poultry product to be recognized with three stars this year in the SPACE innovation awards was IDOSE from Aquadis.

Two Stars

Combiboard Zeta are large hollow panels for farm building construction. Made from PVC, they have been developed for the construction of hygienic- and maintenance-friendly walls.

Their core is made from recycled PVC, while their outer layer is made from new, colored PVC, which is colorfast, impact resistant and resistant to most chemicals, including urine, manure and detergents.

The panels are put in place by hand and can be cut using standard tools. Additionally, various accessories are available to help in the realization of the building design.

Once doors, windows and cables, for example, have been fitted, the panels are filled with concrete. These filled panels are fire-rated B-s2, d0 under regulation EN 13501-1, do not need painting and can be cleaned with a high-pressure hose.

PulsO’Clean, from Lubing International, supplies water to, and cleans, pipes. It can be operated automatically or manually, and flushes and rinses drinking lines with greater efficiency by using a combination of pressurized water and compressed air, so optimizing hygiene.

It allows drinking water to be replaced as often as necessary, preventing water from becoming stagnant, and ensuring that it is cooler and of better quality.

PulsO’Clean is managed via a programmable controller, and the system will automatically sequence the opening and closing of the solenoid valves during three main operations:

  • Simultaneous injections of pressurized water and compressed air create a highly turbulent flow, which is much more effective for flushing pipes and drinkers.
  • A setting with only water at 3 bar pressure removes air from the pipes following the highly turbulent flushing, which is much more effective for cleaning and flushing pipes and drinkers.
  • A water replacement phase, with a supply of cold water, for example following a “night” phase or a period of stagnation, resulting in better hygiene and animal welfare.

One Star

The FAF Le Reve Trough is the product of a FAF-developed machine that can make drinking troughs from a single sheet of stainless steel at the breeding site. Troughs are made without welds, so offering a number of advantages. These include a perfect seal, easy cleaning, and high strength along with several economies for the producer. These include purchasing, manufacturing and water savings. The one-piece troughs are available for group force feeding cages from FAF Le Reve.


The Dosatron Smart Dosing system is a proportional dosing pump with a hydraulic motor combined with a control and data recording unit.

It provides data traceability for drinking water along with treatment volumes, and has alarms to ensure treatment safety. It also has an automatic calibration program for the dosing pump, so ensuring correct dosage and resultant efficacy and safety. It has a preventative maintenance alert, and permits automatic data recording and data transfer. The product is easy to use, and results in productivity gains.

The Droplate is a unique control plate, designed by Ceva to evaluate the quality of spray vaccination in the hatchery.

The easy-to-use tool assesses droplet size homogeneity and the percentage of chick basket coverage. Unlike the traditional basket bottom paper approach, the Droplate can instantly measure if the drops have the same size and if the whole of the basket has been covered with the same concentration of vaccine. The Droplate not only permits very regular control during vaccination, but is also easy to clean and store.

Filtranet from Asserva, is a stainless steel filtration unit, housed in an isolated and soundproof box.

The ventilation equipment’s large filtration area significantly decreases power consumption. Its sliding G4 filter allows rapid washing with water, while its attachment system halves the filter change time.

Filtranet’s Manoclim control box connects to the Internet, meaning that can it can easily be operated remotely.

Pekino is a duck drinker developed by Big Dutchman International together with the Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences and other experts.

It not only allows ducks to drink, but to wash their bills and completely submerge their heads. This helps to keep them healthy, which in turns improves the fattening process. Pekino can be used with conventional nipple drinkers. It should be installed above plastic slats where such flooring is used.

Phytosynthese’s PrimActiv is a premix designed to achieve balance and preserve the integrity of the chicken gastrointestinal tract. It contains botanical additives and has a dual action, regulating the intestinal flora and acting against coccidia.

PrimActiv is a unique natural solution for managing the main broiler digestive orders, and permits a reduction in antibiotic and other chemical use.

It has been designed for optimal ease of use – from the bird to the handler. Encapsulation means that it has a reduced smell and is compatible with all factory processes.

VMP Injexpert from RC Services is an approach that allows service providers to continuously assure and improve the quality of vaccination.

It aims to provide its clients with independent expertise, enabling them to operate with due care and to provide services that are compliant at technical and regulatory levels. VMP Injexpert requests that its veterinary auditors and its quality managers are independent third-party approved.