Farm research in most European countries had to be scaled back in recent years due to reductions in government funding, but another source of funds has been unveiled in the U.K. – in the form of a grocery retailer.

National supermarket chain Morrisons has announced a partnership with the Scottish Agricultural College that will see the retailer open a farm in East Ayrshire, Scotland. The site, at Dumfries House, will become a center of excellence for the retailer, where best practices will be developed. Enterprises on the farm will involve the rearing of cattle and sheep, and farming as well.


Morrisons’ chief executive, Marc Bolland, was quoted by IGD Retail Analysis as saying: "We are already very close to farmers, but we want to do more. This will give our relationship more depth. We are investing in taking a leading role in applied farm research and making a contribution to helping the long-term sustainability of British farming."