Dr. Sushiel Agrawal, Chairman of Indian Herbs, was honored with the 2015 Life Time Achievement Award at the recent “Poultry CEOs Forum India and PF Awards.” A leading journal in India, Poultry Fortune organized the award, which was presented by Dr. Venkateshwarlu, Director of Animal Husbandry, Telangana.  

 Dr. Agrawal was recognized for establishing Veterinary Ayurveda as a science for animal health care and his development of healthcare- and performance-enhancing herbal products for poultry. His distinguished services to the industry span more than 40 years. 

The award winner is currently the Chairman of Indian Herbs, Saharanpur, a pioneering company that manufactures effective herbal animal feed supplements and healthcare products. According to Indian Herbs, Dr. Agrawal's efforhave resulted in safer natural alternatives to chemical products.

Under his guidance, Indian Herbs has developed herbal liver tonic, anti-stress, natural growth promoters and natural vitamins such as Vitamin C, E and Choline, and natural amino acids, which can effectively replace synthetic chemical products without any side effects or residual toxicity. All Indian Herbs supplements ahelp in improving FCR, thus promoting growth and improving the production and quality of eggs.


Dr. Sushiel Agrawal was associated with implementation of research projects plans resulting in the award of post-graduate degrees to 193 veterinary scientists for outstanding research on Indian Herbs’ products and publication of more than 700 research articles in international journals. Dr. Sushiel Agrawal has authored 53 scientific research papers that have been published in prominent journals related to veterinary medicine.

After receiving the Achievement Award, Dr. Sushiel Agrawal spoke of the need to provide healthy and nutritious food for consumers, who want foods free from residues of pesticides, antibiotics and other synthetic chemical products. He called on those in the poultry industry to work together to achieve this objective by using natural products for maintaining and improving health and production in place of synthetic chemical products.

At the "Poultry CEOs Forum India and PF Awards,"