The President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, has officially opened Innovo’s new egg processing plant in  Naranjo in the province of Alajuela, according to La Nacìon. The final product, liquid egg products, will be used in food and the capacity at this plant is sufficient to replace imports, using local eggs as the starting material. It is reported to be the first liquid egg plant in Central America.

The plant had already been operating for 6 weeks prior to the official inauguration, producing 25 tons of liquid egg per week.

Innovo is a wholly Costa Rican company, comprising of two small/medium poultry farming businesses, Las Palmas and Piedras Negras, the company’s general manager, Ricardo Rojas Santos, told the newspaper.


Fresh eggs are subjected to pasteurization in the plant, resulting in a final product that is 100 percent natural and free of preservatives and additives. Main users of the liquid egg products are food manufacturers producing pasta and baked goods as well as hotels and restaurants.

The investment reportedly cost $2 million, and the machinery was imported from Italy and Denmark.