The IGP Institute hosted six participants for the Cochran Malaysia Grain Management for Feed and Milling course Aug. 23-Sept. 4. The course focused on grain storage in tropical locations and covered topics including postharvest management, grain trading terminology, pest management and fumigation techniques, grain handling technology, grain drying and cleaning technology, and grain markets and price management.

“This training was a great opportunity for the participants to strengthen their grain storage techniques for tropical weather and to understand the effect of grain quality on their end products as feed and flour,” says Carlos Campabadal, IGP Institute feed manufacturing and grain quality management curriculum manager.

Throughout the 12-day course, participants spent their time in the classroom and traveling to several leading agricultural venues in Kansas and Louisiana. These facilities included Ron Roth Farm, Manhattan Farmers Coop (MKC), Wakefield Farmers Coop, ADM Grain Export Facility, Cargill Westwego Export Facility, USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service and Thionville Laboratories.


In addition, participants learned about grain management techniques from on-site trainings at the O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Center, Hal Ross Flour Milling and BIVAP.

“IGP has been working with this group for more than a year, so it was a great opportunity to host them through the Cochran program,” Campabadal says. “We put a lot of effort to fulfill the USDA Cochran Trainings objectives.”

This is just one example of the trainings offered by the IGP Institute. In addition to feed manufacturing and grain quality management, IGP offers courses in the areas of grain processing and flour milling, and grain marketing and risk management.