Hillandale Farms has officially taken over the management of the former Moark egg farm in Turner, Maine, a Hillandale spokesperson said.

In July, Hillandale signed an agreement to take over the lease for the farm from Moark, a subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, which earlier announced its planned exit from the egg industry. The farm is still owned by former egg industry executive Jack DeCoster.

According to a Sun Journal report, the facility in Turner is the largest egg farm in the state, with 2.3 million chickens.


Hillandale Farms, headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, currently employs 212 people in Maine, but is actively recruiting to build the number of employees to 250, company spokesperson Melanie Wilt said. Hillandale is also raising the salaries for its hourly workers and offering a benefits package for its workers that exceeds what was offered.

Also included in the July deal between Hillandale Farms and Moark were egg farms in Winthrop and Leeds, Maine, which did not house any chickens at the time. Hillandale has not yet revealed what its plans are for those two farms.

Prior to the deal with Moark, Hillandale Farms had around 9 million hens and was the seventh largest egg company in the United States.