In 2015, the number of grandparent breeding broilers imported into China has decreased to 800,000 and in 2016 the China Broiler Association (CBA) plans to keep the import of the breeding stock within 800,000, according to Jisheng Cao, president of Shandong Yisheng Livestock & Poultry breeding Co. Ltd., who spoke at the press conference of "The Nutrition of the Broilers and the Human Health" held on September 24 in Yantai, China.

According to the report of China Securities Journal, since 2009, the import of grandparent breeding broilers had been on the increase, imported stock once hitting 1.54 million in 2013. The contracting for the import of breeder broilers will lower the overall capacity to the benefit of the broiler industry. The performance of destocking is expected to look up next year when the number of the commercial chickens will decrease.

Starting in June 2015, the pig industry pulled through the cyclical downturn with the hog prices jumping from CNY14 (US$2.20) per kilo to the current CNY17.2 (US$2.70) per kilo. However, the usual knock-on effect of pork prices has not yet worked on the prices of broilers.


The consumer market for broilers in China has been struggling for a long period, largely because of food safety incidents and H7N9 avian influenza outbreaks in recent years.

The press conference was co-hosted by Shandong Yisheng, Sunner Dvelopment, Shandong Minhe Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xiantan Co., Ltd. To encourage the consumption of chicken and rebuild up consumers' confidence, national experts in food safety, poultry farming also attended the conferences and made speeches on broiler farming, processing and other pertinent topics.