Chore-Time, a division of CTB Inc., has purchased the intellectual property, including all manufacturing and marketing rights, associated with the CUBO line of air destratifying and heating systems from CGM S.R.L. of Cuneo, Italy. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

CUBO air destratifiers circulate air downward within a poultry building and distribute it at bird level. By mixing the air, the CUBO Units create more uniform temperatures throughout the poultry house, thereby improving litter condition, eliminating the need for stir fans and promoting more even bird distribution. Various CUBO Models are available including those with and without heat.

Chore-Time and CGM agreed in November 2014 to expand their previous relationship by establishing Chore-Time as an original equipment manufacturer customer of CGM with authority to purchase and resell CUBO Systems in select territories around the world. Ownership of the line will permit Chore-Time to further expand its sales of CUBO Systems globally, including stocking CUBO air destratifiers and heaters at its facilities in Indiana and in Poland for supply to customers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and other regions.

Chris Stoler, executive vice president and general manager, Chore-Time, noted: “Chore-Time has enjoyed a successful collaboration with CGM since 2009, and this acquisition was the next logical step in extending Chore-Time’s product offering throughout the world. The CUBO Heating and Air destratifying products have been reducing overall energy usage for chicken producers throughout the world, and we expect them to continue to grow in popularity.”

“We’re really excited to bring this product into our heating systems portfolio, further expanding our full system solutions,” said Dave Laurenz, global director of marketing for Chore-Time.  “Maintaining even air distribution and better litter conditions in the poultry house are vital to promoting a healthy growing environment for the birds.”  

CUBO System inventor, Gianpiero Massimino, will consult with Chore-Time on the CUBO Line on an ongoing basis while continuing as CGM’s CEO, further developing and promoting the company’s other products.  


“CGM is pleased to see its former CUBO line turned over to a strong, reputable company such as Chore-Time, with global distribution and a worldwide customer base,” said Massimino.  “We’ve appreciated Chore-Time’s trust in working with us these last several years and the success we have enjoyed together.”