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on May 19, 2009

Alltech launches new animal health line

Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech recently announced the launch of its newest technology line for the animal health industry in a company press release.

Designed to get young animals off to the right start, Alltech’s Incubate, Porcinate and Rumenate promote optimum lifetime performance when used in starter diets.

The Alltech Poultry Advantage product, Incubate, has demonstrated a chick can grow up to 100 grams heavier.

Porcinate, the Alltech Pig Advantage product, has exhibited many improvements in growth such as five to seven pounds heavier in weight, 10 points in feed conversion and increased liveability up to 2 percent.

Rumenate combines proven active ingredients from Alltech to tackle challenges in the rumen and gut that affect dairy and beef operations.

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