Volovskiy Broiler is commissioning SmartPro™ single-stage incubation from Pas Reform Russia for the development of a new, state-of-the-art hatchery in the Volovo region of Tula.

Batyrzhon Nurullaev, the hatchery’s General Director, says that Pas Reform was selected – after a rigorous assessment of potential suppliers and technological capabilities – to undertake the ambitious project that will target the production of 46 mln eggs per year.

The planned installation includes nine SmartSetPro™-6 setters, each with a capacity of 124,416 hatching eggs and fourteen SmartSetPro™ 82,944 egg-capacity setters. Each setter incorporates Pas Reform’s innovative Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™ (AMF™) system to further fine-tune the incubation environment specifically to the needs of the growing embryos.

The hatchery will also feature Pas Reform’s SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, each with a capacity of 20,736 eggs, as well as climate control, a range of hatchery automation systems and purpose-engineered sliding doors. These features maintain optimized environments in incubation rooms and offer common access to temperature-controlled processing areas.


In addition to the hatchery, Volovskiy Broiler is building a slaughterhouse, meat processing factory and feed mill to ensure quality and maintain stringent standards of biosecurity in what will ultimately be a closed cycle operation. The complex already includes 70 houses, with hatching eggs supplied by Aviagen.

Volovskiy Broiler’s poultry and meat products will be sold throughout Volovo with distribution extending to neighboring regions through a network of branded sales outlets.

Vladimir Gruzdev, the Region’s Governor, shared his enthusiasm for Volovskiy Broiler’s plans when he visited the site in July. “This new facility will create 900 new jobs for local people,” he said. “As a modern and progressive company, I hope that Volovskiy’s commitment to quality and growth will serve to encourage other companies in Tula, to upgrade their production facilities with an eye on the future.”