From WATTAgNet:

Avian influenza, legislation concerning animal antibiotics, new uses for eggs and weather-related problems highlighted the news concerning the global poultry industry for the week ending October 15.

Ceva, Harrisvaccines get USDA avian flu vaccine contracts

Ceva and Harrisvaccines received contracts from the USDA to produce avian influenza vaccines for the national stockpile. 

3 ways the poultry industry can gain consumer trust

Instead of being defensive and providing scientific facts to 'prove' something to consumers, poultry companies should use consumer skepticism as a reason to engage with consumers on a deeper level to tell their story, advised Dr. Charles Arnot, CEO of the Center for Food Integrity, speaking at the National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing and Live Production on October 14.

South Carolina floods cause problems for poultry farmers

The recent storms and subsequent flooding in South Carolina are hurting the state's poultry industry, although state officials are still assessing the damage. 

Year-ending US egg prices may return to normal levels

The number of table egg-laying hens in the U.S. might not fully recover from the losses brought on by avian influenza, but high wholesale egg prices are expected to drop.


Debut of cutting edge and healthy egg products in Spain

The Institute of Egg Studies of Spain presented an array of award-winning egg products that could revolutionize the egg industry.

5 tips to prepare your processing operation for avian flu

After unexpectedly suffering outbreaks of avian influenza at Jennie-O Turkey facilities, Tom Smith, vice president of quality management, offers advice to poultry processing operations on being prepared.

California governor signs bill limiting antibiotic use

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill limiting animal antibiotic use into law. The law will take effect in 2018. 

Highly pathogenic avian influenza returns to Laos

Highly pathogenic H5N6 avian influenza has been detected in Laos for the first time since March 2014.