A sum of nearly US$203 million has been allocated by the Central Budget to support China’s animal husbandry industry in 2015, an increase of US$29.63 million compared to 2014, reported the Department of Agriculture of Ministry of Finance of People’s Republic of China.

The effort aims to increase animal products production in China, and guarantee that there are sufficient supplies of meat products in large city and medium-sized cities.


Of the total funds, US$171.47 million is to be used to support the standardized farming of livestock and poultry, with an emphasis on the standardization of moderate-scale pig, layer, broiler and beef cattle farms. Also, the money is used to improve the infrastructure, such as housing of animals, farming equipment and facilities, environmental control, and disinfection. Another US$31.52 million is used to facilitate the standardization of the fishery industry.  

Ten provinces such as Hebei and Jilin are chosen to pilot financial programs for rural areas by making full use of Central Financial Assistance Grants by means of credit guarantee and subsidies, and maximizing the benefit of financial capital.