The three-day Swine Expo in Xiamen, China, concluded successfully on September 21, 2015. This very first Swine Expo, boasting an exhibition area of 13,000 square meters, attracted almost 10,000 visitors and 172 exhibitors, 17 of which had travelled overseas to attend the event.

The highlights of the expo are as follows:

1.  Grand-scale event -- Three vice-ministerial leaders from the Ministry of Agriculture attended the Swine Expo. This was unprecedented in the history of animal husbandry expos. Four academicians and 18 foreign experts delivered lectures recounting the developments in science and technology that have taken place in the pig industry.

2.  Showcasing pork -- During the Swine Expo, 11 top chefs presented 30 Huai Pork dishes, capturing the attention from both inside and outside of the industry.  “Pork Delicacy Tasting” album specially designed by the organizing committee highlighted the artistic merit of pork.  The Swine Expo became a splendid venue for pork delicacy tasting.


3.  Piglets on display-- The “Piglet Pavilion from the Taiwan Strait” offered visitors the opportunity to admire several breeds of the cute piglets.

4.  Seminars – The“Cross-Strait Swine Science and Technology Seminar” attracted an audience of over 200 people.

5.  Awards Ceremony -- After more than a year of competition, 50 prize-winning finalists from all over the country received their trophies for the “Looking for China’s Beautiful Pig Farms” contest.

6.  Commendations -- Market leaders that have an interest in the future direction of the industry attended the Xiamen Expo. The board chairman of Muyuan Foodstuff Co. Ltd., as well as executives of DaChan Greatwall Group look forward to the Swine Expo being held every two years as planned. They expect that such event will provide a needed and specialized exchange platform for the industry. Ms. Anneke, general manager for Asia of the most eminent professional exhibitors VIV Group, seeks an opportunity for further cooperation in the future.  Guozhong Lin, general manager of Taiwan Guoshou Livestock Farm, was so happy to see his black breeding pig auctioned at CNY24,000 (US$3,772) at the expo.