More than 100 poultry specialists from Romania and the Republic of Moldova took part in a technical seminar organized by Cobb Germany and the Cobb team in Romania at the Palace Hotel in Sinaia.      

“The main purpose was exchanging new ideas, information and technical updates on the Cobb500 family of products, and also strengthening business relationships between the participant specialists,” said James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany.  


“The presentations covered the latest information in hatchery technology, breeding and broiler farming and also the development of the global poultry market to provide good quality, safe products to help meet future food needs,” Truscott added. “We looked at how Cobb Germany manages to fulfill these needs through its organization and diversified agricultural activities. We also dealt with veterinary aspects of broiler and breeding farming to maintain high standards of biosecurity and animal welfare.”

The technical presentations were given by international specialists James Truscott, Ron Meijerhof and Gheorghe Ciripoi of Cobb Germany; Matthew Wilson and Paul Welten of Cobb Europe; and Romanian poultry veterinarian Dr. Ovidiu Sicoe.