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Avian influenza remains a topic of high interest for those in the global poultry industry. Here are 7 news developments concerning the virus and its impact on the poultry sector:

Argentina receives authorization to export eggs to US

Argentina has been authorized to ship eggs and egg products to the United States, which has experienced a shortened supply as a result of the avian influenza outbreak. 

Hotlines proven useful tools in avian flu biosecurity

Several states have calling systems in place that alert poultry producers when and where a new case of avian influenza has occurred. 

H5N2 avian influenza returns to Taiwan

New cases of avian influenza have recently been reported in Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Nigeria and Ghana.  

Kraft Heinz ordered to honor contract for turkey sales


Kraft Heinz must honor its contract to provide Mrs. Ressler's Food Products with turkey products, a judge ruled. Kraft Heinz had claimed it was unable to meet the terms of the contract because of the impact that avian influenza had on its turkey supply.

#tbt: Poultry farm biosecurity, then and now

In 2007, Dr. David Shapiro of Perdue Farms offered do’s and don’ts of biosecurity to help keep poultry farms safer and guard against threats. That advice is still practical today.

Avian influenza control to be stepped up in Africa

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Extraordinary avian flu precautions at Sanderson Farms

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