Tyson’s Ball Park brand has introduced Flame Grilled Jerky, which is dried for toughness and then flame grilled for a uniquely tender texture and excellent char-grilled flavor. Made with lean cuts of beef or porkthe product is gluten-free and a good source of protein with eight grams or more per serving. It contains less sodium than other jerky1 and no added MSG2. Five hardy flavors include Original Beef, Bourbon BBQ Beef, Peppered Beef, Barbecue Pork and Teriyaki Pork. 

“Grab Life by the Ball Park” is the theme of a new ad campaign promoting the jerky. Created by Y&R New York, the media celebrates “go for it” and features ultimate tough guy Tommy “Tiny” Lister, retired professional wrestler. A 30-second TV spot depicts Tiny observing a coworker struggling to get a water bottle from a vending machine when his tender side kicks in. After biting into his Ball Park Flame Grilled Jerky, Lister shakes the vending machine to release the water bottle and then delivers it to his teammates’ desk.

Before the product introduction, Ball Park commissioned a survey to uncover some of the tough situations guys face. “We know consumers think jerky can be too tough,” said Timothy Smith, vice president of marketing for the product. “But jerky isn’t the only tough thing in life that needs a little tenderness, so we’re stepping up with tender solutions to some of life’s tough conversations.”


The hilarious questions and survey results can be found here. Guys are invited to tweet their troubles to @BallParkBrand using the hashtag #HelpMeTiny. Tiny will serve up entertaining, tender solutions via custom Twitter ecards.  

1Less than the USDA data for Beef Jerky
2 Except for that naturally occurring in the soy sauce and autolyzed yeast extract