Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University in Jabalpur district has developed the new breed of chicken called Narmada Nidhi, Professor O.P. Shrivastava told the Press Service of India.

The new breed is a cross involving a local breed from Madhya Pradesh state (Kadaknath) and the Jabalpur Colour, which is an improved line bred by the University.  Narmada Nidhi has been bred to offer good nutrition to households in rural areas while surviving on household leftovers. It is also resistant to disease and does not require all the vaccinations needed by foreign poultry, Shrivastava said.


Narmada Nidhi produces around 180 eggs per year, compared to 45 for typical native chickens, so the cost of an egg would be about INR4 (US6 cents), INR2 cheaper than a normal egg. The cost of the meat will also be lower at INR80-90 per kilo against a standard chicken at INR120, while the flavor is similar to the popular native breeds.

“We are going to hand over 35 new breed fowls to 35 tribal families at a function shortly,” Shrivastava said.